There in the corner lies a candle.
A candle whose light flickers on the wall.
There on that wall shadows dance.
A dance that only I can understand.
There I understand I am lonesome.
A lonesome dove with no comrade.
There is no comrade to fly the sky.
A sky that is never ending.

There is where I can see my life ending.


Define Me

My life: A million pieces scattered on the floor.

My body: A used, worn out vessel.

My heart: A single star in the night sky.

My mind: A collage of insanity.

My hands: A curious set of eyes.

My feet: A map with no lines.

My ears: A burning desire to feel.

My eyes: A fountain of pain.

My lips: A vault sealed shut from the inside.

I feel so unworthy, so I keep venturing back to the very place that makes me question my worth.

How can a tongue be so harsh to a heart that’s breaking?

Yet some how I want more.

More than the merry go round game thats being spun.

His face is that of an artist, his hands are the brushes, his heart is the canvas.

I am so blinded when he lights up.

Weak knees.

Strong legs.

Weak mind.

Strong brain.

Weak pulse.

Strong heart.

Heads or Tails

The coin has been tossed, round and round it spins through the air.

Heads or tails; there’s no in between. Let’s see what fate has to say.

Tic-toc goes the clock, as time slows to a crawl.

Every second that slips away is another moment sent to its grave.

Right before the coin hits the ground, it goes dark.

Searching for the answer with no sight.


The tide is rising, just look at her depth.

Do you see her strength? Just watch how she crashes against the shoreline.

There’s a story she’s painting, do you see the anger? With every wave she strokes the canvas with a million reasons.

The sky is fierce, just look at how he lights up.

Can you tell how frightened he is? Just listen to the rumble of his voice.

There’s a song he’s writing, do you hear the pain? With every rain drop that hits the water, he sings a tune for all the broken hearted.

The storm is just beginning, a novel not yet drafted.

Don’t you want to know how it ends? Just stop trying to predict the weather.

There’s a voice locked inside, do you hear the whispers? With every unspoken word, I come closer to giving into the ocean.


Heavy is the legs that hold her up.

Heavy is the hearts that were ever distorted.

Heavy is the shoulders drawn together.

Heavy is the lungs filled with grief.

Heavy is the lips that speak truth.

Heavy is the hands that fold to pray.

Heavy is the fingers left behind in the dark.

Heavy is the head that thinks up such darkness.

Heavy is the memories that awaken as nightmares.

Heavy is the gut that churns around evil.

Heavy is the acceptance of pain.

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